Apr 29, 2020

Your business is unlike any other - it has its own history, story, employees and journey that it’s currently on. This is exactly the reason why we decided to roll out our RPA/AI survey for businesses to benefit from. This tool allows us (and you) to get a better understanding of your current situation, the issues you might be facing and your automation ambitions. With this detailed analysis, we are able to assess whether or not an RPA/AI is the right fit for you.
And let’s be clear — RPA/AI is not for everyone. But in the right circumstances, it has the power to revolutionise your entire workflow across all of your business units.  After all, improving your employee job satisfaction by allowing them to focus on areas where they excel, can make all the difference in the world. At the same time your organization might be able to
• Do things you never thought possible
• Cut costs on a big scale
• Grow using freed resources because of RPA
We’ll also be able to provide concrete reasons for our recommendation. Successful deliveries are based on the fact that the return is greater than the investment. And in order for that to happen, we must be sure that we can help you to either save money, increase sales or both. It’s that simple. If we do not see that opportunity then our innovative tool will let you know.
The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete and is 100% free. Michael Callisen, CEO at MM Robotics will book a 45 min. online meeting with you to present a tailored report to your company based on the survey input. Here Michael will be able to tell you whether or not an RPA/AI solution is suitable for your company’s goals and future trajectory.
The questions in this form will help understand the current situation in your organisation. They will allow RPA/AI experts at MM Robotics to pinpoint the specific benefits of an RPA/AI implementation for you, and recommend the next steps for your team. On completion, they will add their comments and will provide you a detailed report based on your answers and their analysis.
Good luck!
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5. Your role
6. Type of industry
7. Company turnover
8. Our company is in a
9. Number of subsidiaries in the group?
10. Our market is
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12. What is the current headcounts working in an office at HeadQuarters?

The areas where people are working in at the HeadQuarters ?

Please describe in a few lines where you expect the growth to be in the combining 12 months, and where the growth will be (headquarters, subsidiaries, geographic area)?

14. How many business systems are you currently using incl. cloud systems, Office 365, ERP, CRM PLCM, Warehouse management systems etc?

Information about our administrative task

16. The number of head counts executing manual administrative tasks?
17. Comments on how ready your organisation are when it comes to digital transformation
How people react to automation and digital transformation in the organisation
Company general knowledge about RPA/AI
So far we have been looking at
The main reason for looking to implement RPA/AI
21. We hope to get started with RPA/AI implementation or pilot within
RPA/AI budget?
23. After the survey Michael Callisen, CEO and partner at MM Robotics, will get back to you with the analysis based on the survey. Would you like to leave any comments? 
24. Anything else you wish to add?